CoR Wiki

To install or update the game, simply follow the steps below. If you run into any issues, reach out on the Subreddit or the Discord. If you need help locating your save file check out this guide.


Save File Location[]

With any Windows install all saves are stored in appdata/renpy/championofrealms. This means you can safely delete any versions and the saves will persist.


Ambox warning blue.png
Some users have reported slow download speeds. This can be due to a number of factors, internet speed, distance from server, and cpu speed. This is being worked on and should improve in future iterations of the launcher. If it runs slowly for you continue to use an alternative method for now.

The easiest way to install the game on windows is to use the Official Launcher. This will patch and update the game automatically, so no need to re-download the entire game every update. It will also be the first to receive bug fixes, and may receive some that are not fixed until the next release on other platforms.


  1. Download the Installer
  2. Run the Installer
  3. Accept the License Agreement
  4. Choose install location (Default is C:/users/[username]/Champion of Realms
  5. Chose if you would like a Desktop Shortcut or a Start Menu Shortcut
  6. Once it has finished installing leave the box checked to run the patcher to finish installing the game
    1. The installer alone will NOT install all of CoR. It only installs the launcher and base renpy libraries. You MUST run the patcher at least once before the game will be playable.


  1. Hit Check for Updates
  2. Wait for patch to install


The Itch deskop client will allow you to install and update the game automatically (note due to the build surpassing 4gb it is ONLY the compressed version).

  1. Install Itch desktop client
  2. Sign in
  3. Search for Champion of Realms
  4. Press install at the bottom
  5. Choose compressed or normal version
  6. Select install location or create a new one
  7. Hit Install
  8. When finished it Run


The game will be updated automatically if enabled, otherwise when you launch it will prompt you to install the new version.


If you wish to install the game manually download it from one of several locations

  • Patreon (Always the first to be updated)
  • Itch (Only compressed version)
  • GameJolt (Only compressed version)

  1. Extract the zip to a location of your choosing
  2. Enter extracted folder
  3. Click on ChampionOfRealms.exe


  1. Download the new version
  2. Extract it to a new location
    1. Do NOT extract to the same location and replace files, this is known to cause issues
  3. Delete the old version


Save File Location[]

The saves are stored in a variety of locations.

APK before Android 11: Android/Data/com.zimon.chamoionofrealms/files

APK Android 11 or later: Android/renpy (not confirmed)

Joiplay: Wherever you extracted the game to/game/saves

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ALL version of android are compressed as of 0.57. This is due to Renpy having a max apk size of 4gb.


Download the APKfrom one of these locations


  1. Install the APK
  2. Run the app


  1. Download the new APK
    1. Do NOT uninstall the old APK or your saves will be deleted
  2. Select the APK like you were going to install it
  3. When prompted, hit yes to update app with new version
  4. If update fails
    1. Back up saves by going to above directory(Save File Location) and copying them to a safe location
    2. Uninstall the old version
    3. Install new version (You need do clean install)
    4. Take saves backed up in step 1 and place them in the same directory


Joiplay was recommended due to the issues with Android but those issues have been resolved as of 0.50 so it is not longer the suggested way to install on Android. For steps 4-8 there is a video guide available:

  1. Download Joiplay and the Joiplay Renpy plug-in from Google Play.
  2. Download the PC version of CoR. (the non compressed version).
  3. Extract the .zip file with the RAR app (app also available on Google Play).
    1. After extracting CoR's folder from the .zip, remember where it's located, because the following steps involve the folder location.
  4. Open Joiplay, you'll see a + button on the bottom right corner, tap it. You'll be greeted by a menu.
  5. For the name, you can enter "Champion of Realms" and for the version just the current update number (ex. 0.46).
  6. For the Executable File, this is where you go to your CoR's folder location.
    1. Tap Choose and go to where your CoR folder is located.
    2. Keep tapping until you see a .exe file.
    3. Choose the .exe one, not the 32.exe file.
  7. For the icon, go to where the .exe file is located again but this time, tap the game folder. That's where all the icon photos are found.
  8. Lastly, tap Add after you've finished steps 5-7.
  9. You're good to go. Enjoy CoR on Mobile.


  1. Go to your CoR folder and move the saves file to somewhere safe before proceeding to step 2.
  2. Delete the old update folder. And clear the app from Joiplay.
  3. Do steps 2-8 from the Installation Method.
  4. After doing steps 2-8, go back to where you moved your saves file and copy/move it to the new updated CoR folder to where the .exe files are located.
  5. Open CoR to see if it works.
  6. After that you're good to go. Enjoy CoR.