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The Three Races[]

We know that in the beginning there were the three original creatures called Gods, from which the Celestials, the Abyssals and the Humans originated. Then they were divided, the Celestials with powers linked to the Etheria that aims at order and control, and the Abyssals at destruction and chaos. These two remained unchanged until the modern era, at most a few minor variations. As for humans, the discourse is complicated. They used their form of Etheria, connected to the void, in the sense that it tended neither to order nor chaos, a pure form of energy.

This was used for many, many years, until technology, science, took over. Two factions were created, the one that focused everything on this discovery and those that continued to practice the use of Etheria. For convenience, we call the first faction Tekhuman and the second Enhuman. Why use this new form of technology? Because unlike Etheria, it did not affect the weariness of the body and could be used infinitely for many purposes. Why didn't the other side want to use it? Because it denied their origin, their connection to the world, one thing was artificial, the other wasn't.

And that's where the first clashes started, the first civil wars. The first faction got the upper hand and began to hunt and kill the other without mercy. For this reason, Enhuman's survivors decided to run away, to hide to survive, to live as fugitives until the world calmed down. Together with them, other minorities also hid, like magical creatures, ethriam, monsters and others, hunted until almost total extinction. The Tekhuman, with the passing of many years, forgot about the Etheria of the world, about anything unnatural, even caused by the fact that they burned every single knowledge of that kind without leaving any trace. In modern times they call themselves simply Humans, with no memory of their true origins, and those who hid to survive, once the storm subsided, returned with the name of Hidden, hidden among Humans, but still with their ancient powers flowing through their veins.

At this point the Altered are missing, practically, are very rare cases of people born in the faction of Tekhuman who have maintained, despite various suppressions, the connection with the Etheria of the world. These cases are very rare because, in ancient times, those born with this particular connection were killed, but apparently, some have managed to avoid death, since there are Altered in modern times.