CoR Wiki

This page contains the changes made in each version of the game, as well as the day it released. Starting in Sept 2021, updates now follow a monthly schedule. Note: All of these were taken directly from the Discord announcements or Patreon posts.

0.59 - 9/5/2021

New main story

New event for Tsukiko

New event for Sheila

New event for Isabel

The summer event is here, activate it from the meeting room

Now you can find Cleos in your room

Now you can peek on Sheila when she is in your room

Now you can find Estia during the night in the living room

A new card appeared in the compendium

New job is available (a quick one for now)

Graphic change for the main menu

New music and sounds

The nav menu is back as before

The Bridge Events are removed

Added the receptor crystal in your room

The portal has been moved to the nav and has changed shape

The menu error has been fixed, in case you find any other, please let me know.

From next month on September, many things will change. First of all, inside 0.59 there is the launcher, but don't use it, it's almost ready, but don't use it, you could break something.

We will use the launcher in September, so be patient, and thank Darth Falcon for his work. Dialogues are being rewritten, it has been decided that every time a new package is ready, it will be inserted in-game, by doing so, you will be able to notice the differences, thank Pitboss.

Tutorial functions are coming, so hopefully, no one will get lost in the future.

The tournament is about to start, the grids are ready, now only you are missing, next week or even this week we could already start phase 1.

The new wallpapers are also coming, I could already post them today, but let's take our time.

As for the 0.60, it will be a fully monthly build, with beta and everything that will come, and I can tell you that most likely will be the most beautiful build released so far, you'll see.

0.58 - 8/11/2021

First, the part about the "Reset"

All the video in game are now converted in VP8, so less CPU usage.

Older devices or smartphones can run CoR better

The exile nav is more clean now, even if I'm still deciding about the black bg.

Now the new events, 3 in total:

One story event

One Izanami Event

And the final event is for....Isabel

The launcher is on the way, we'll see if it works as it should.

Where is Tsukiko? She ended up in the Beta in preparation for its release.

Maybe I should do a post explaining the new rewards. We have a problem with Renpy and Android versions, for now, it can't be released,

I'm working on it to solve it. As for the next release, still story, you will not see lewd for the whole month, sorry, the story must continue.

0.57 - 8/02/2021

So, the beautiful scenes you will find are as follows:

Cleos down buttjob

Cleos Tightjob

Cleos New Horny pose

Asmedia's Tailjob

The original incoming events unfortunately were 1 Sheila, 2 Story, 1 Izanami, 1 Tsu

Sheila and two of story were ready, but better to see what will happen tomorrow

0.56 - 7/25/2021

3 new lewds for the interactive Cleos

A variant in the sofa and a new one with a variant

Let's see if people can understand the message, also because these will be the last ones maybe forever.

Hell's room is finally here

The Core room is now accessible

New music

Fixed bugs

"Ufo" audio distorted

Sheila bridge not disappearing

"sheila_sex_jump" error

Sheila gallery error

Hints problems

Changed the steps in the dialogues with the girls inside the rooms, i.e. from now on you will no longer be kicked out using the "Back".

As for the next build instead, I will continue the story, about 3/4 events, and conclude this "act" for some characters.

Coming soon there will also be a summer-themed wallpaper, with a poll on the girl to choose from. Choose carefully, according to the chosen girl the wallpaper will be different.

The famous launcher that will make our lives easier is also on the way, thank Darth Falcon.

I conclude by saying that on August 1st or 2nd there will be an important discussion about CoR on Discord, but don't worry, those who won't be there can read the summary on the other platforms.

0.55 - 7/18/2021

First event, will be the story one Second event is for Hell

Isabel's event

Tailè's Event

2 events for Sheila:

And of course, Sheila's lewd

Sheila's Lewd is wholesome. I can consider it the sweetest lewd event until now.

Plus the bridge events

2x new Cleos interactive sex.

Now let me explain how the bridge works:

Bridge events are mini-events that will serve to more seamlessly connect the course of events, allowing us to continue the girls' story.

These Bridge Events can take various forms, both from the point of view of the MC, and that of the girl in question, and even a kind of internal monologue of the girl herself.

They are small. around 4/5 renders, but they can deepen the charas more.

Read Sheila's card

As for the next build, it will be a small build with corrections and additions, there might even be lewds.

0.54 - 7/7/2021

This is the version where you can finally try the new CoR lewds, tested by our dear Cleos. I say immediately that the test date of Hera will be small and guided, the interactive lewd took me a lot of time.

I noticed that some limitations are not surmountable, in fact I could not create some more fluid connections and there are some problems with some audio channels, for the rest, it seems to me a good initial version.

The Cleos lewd contains 20 selectable lewds, where you can choose when to do them, how fast to do them, and to perform the actions inside the lewd itself.

Also the cumshot itself, will be selectable the part of the body where to do it.

There will also be the two famous modes, the auto and the choice.

In more detail, here is the list of available lewds:

Teasing Stand

Teasing Ground

Teasing Down'

Pussy Play'

Seated Blowjob

Sitted Blowjob

Bending Footjob


Sitted Sex

Behind Sex

Leg Up Sex

Lovey Dovey Cowgirl Pose Sex

Lotus Pose Sex

Doggyground Sex


Doggystyle V2

Anal Doggy

Anal top

Aftersex V1/V2/V3

The last two in the list via Horny mode, who knows if you can figure out how to activate them.

Extreme Pilediver

Extreme Doggy

Check the Cleos card, I think I fixed a couple of things that were too crowded, I thank the Discord guys for tolerating me.

The next version instead will be fullspeed for the story, after 20 lewds, I just want to continue the main story and that of some girls. I hope you enjoy this new version.

0.53 - 6/30/2021

New story event for Izanami New Story event for Sheila

This event is special since it contains a variant.

Third event, main story related

Changed the time passing screen

Added new cards for girls

Added an "old" code now that can be found in-game

Added a new code

Now let's talk about some news

The gift system

They will have the function of getting certain points by giving the gift to a girl

There will be different categories of gifts, and each girl will have her own preferences

A neutral gift will give like 1/2 points

A perfect gift 3/5 points

The wrong gift will remove points, from -1 to -5 But they will not be merely a "give and take" of points.

They will also be accompanied by mini-scenes

As for version 0.54, it will be our test base for all those unique features that will make the game even better. Coming soon the interactive test with Cleos, the dates with Hera, and much more.

0.52 - 6/8/2021

What's new in this version: New interaction with Maeve, Sunday evening garden

Now even Hera and Estia have open navigation in the room

New features and changes:

Simplified some quests

Removed and changed some of the movements

Bugs and grammar fix:

Inventory check problem fixed

Fixed Hell's chamber

Corrected grammatical errors

Error in the garden with Maeve fixed

and more...

0.51 - 5/30/2021

Two Hell events and one story event. Hell is finally interactable:

Hell headpat

Amazon Press


Two more timezones, midnight and noon.

Hinters for the girls:

The solo icon, that only shows if a girl is somewhere in the house or in the map

The icon + exclamation, that shows if a girl has a repeatable event or there is some action to do.

And the last one, not yet in the game, the question mark that will indicate if there is a new event for a girl, this one is the one with less priority to add since we already have the girls' cards.

The exile button is extra thicc now

All the bugs found about the money are fixed

And all the new grammar corrections are done

Added a new function to spend time with girls

It's still in testing, and at the moment I am trying with Sheila, who can answer a few simple questions, but I am trying to create full dialogues.

Due to the sudden numerous requests for a jukebox, one of our dear users and supporters Ditto/ masterdragonson, decided to create one to use in-game.

Let's thank him for the work.

Now there is also a new addition to the "Keywords" for the girls.

Unfortunately, due to changes I made to Sheila's event, it will not be present in this build.

Due to the high demand for anal sex, I started working on it.

New inside card version is coming and it will be customizable.

Renpy has been updated and many errors may have been fixed.

For future builds, I have decided that for the time being it is better to concentrate on finalizing the elements already present in the game, rather than continuing to add new ones, at most you will be able to create two new mechanics in the future.

P.S. Hell events are 3 and there is also a lewd for Estia

0.50 - 5/19/2021

This is the first famous small update version for us, let's see a little bit in detail the contents that are waiting for us: All girls missing headpats have been completed.

Headpat for Heramael , Cleos and Sheila, and they are animated.

So, now everyone is happy, expect Hell, she still needs her "room", coming in the big update 0.51

New particle effects have been implemented, and will be used from now on, example of old and new.

New house navigation

The girls are now more alive than ever, well not all of them, but some like Sheila and Asmedia wander around the house. You might find Asmedia in the kitchen or Sheila in your room.

New action choice menu.

New lewd: Asmedia's Footjob

New inventory, while still not very fancy, will allow us to shop, craftare, sell and more.

In case your save gives TransformState Size error, just use the rollback until you are back in the game, relax, it's normal, caused by the change of libraries.

The next version is the big one, with all the story events and girls.

There are many other new features coming, like finally the interactions with our dear Hell or the two new categories on the cards.

One is the codename level of the stats, the other is the relationship status

With that, is possible to change how the girls talks to us.

I remind you that for the moment we will have this division small and big updates.

0.49 - 5/4/2021

New features and changes: It is now possible to come back from "Come closer" events. Age check will appear only once.

Name changer for Hell has been added.

Gallery has been updated with new scenes.

The intro and exit screen has also been updated, to attract new people.

The models have also undergone graphical improvements, and this is very visible in the dark ones like Asmedia.

Also, the tongue of the girls has been improved.

Even the events have undergone an improvement, and that consists of the depth of field and focus on the characters

New events:

First, Tailè event! Since our big girl is now main.

Two main story

Two events for Isabel

A new event for Hell

Sheila Event

Update on the new "point system"

So far, everything has been left open and immediately available, without giving a real sense of progression and "earning that particular action" The new method could work in such a way that every action you do with the girls gives points, these points will end up in a common pool, and you will decide how to spend them. The incentive for doing this will be getting something from the girls, information for example. Talk to Cleos, and find out that she goes to the beach on Wednesday afternoons, earn points and information. Since I already know that 90% of you will not read, the information you unlock will be saved in the girls' cards. Unfortunately, the new human job and the item for Hell won't make an appearance now, I've made changes, it's not their time yet.

0.48 - 4/14/2021

As I previously told you, this update will not contain any new events, but several additions and improvements. First of all, I start by saying that all dialogues in the game have been corrected, thanks to the good will of DisDeb who checked all dialogues of the whole CoR and sent me a file of more than 200 pages.

So, no bad English, and yes, I finally understood the difference between All right and Alright.

Let's see if these corrections bring anything good for us.

Another addition, now the various menus in the game have been customized with girls, same for the save slots, to give the game more personality.

From now on you can decide which morning alarms to have and when.

You will be able to set the girl you want on the day you want.

Linked to this, there is also the new "cute version" alarm of Sheila.

We conclude by talking about the first "sleep with girls" available with asmedia.

A new evening button has been added, allowing you to call the girls in your room.

Later that button will be improved and have more functions.

The asmedia night call has several variants.

You can decide whether to sleep together clothed or naked, and depending on your choice you will have a different scene.

The same wake-up call has several variants, currently 4.

Attention, there is no lewd awakening for now. In case of alarm and girl in the room, logically the girl in the room will take precedence.

When the group scenes arrive, you can do lots of nice combos.

In the works is the egg, the first special seasonal event of CoR, where you will hunt for eggs with Tsukiko.

For the next version we will go back to normal and continue with the story and lewd. Most likely, there will also be something for Hell.

0.47 - 4/7/2021

This build is Sheila, just Sheila. I'm sure many of you will be pleased.

Here are the 4 events:

Family Letter

I can do it

What was that?

We are a family

Having said that, in the next 0.48 I will apply improvements to the various navigation systems.

As for the content, it will be a surprise.

some of you have already figured out what to expect, I'll tell you one thing, egg.

Incoming there will also be an Easter wallpaper and a poll for the new mechanics.

0.46 - 3/31/2021

As I had announced in this build we start to show other secondary (and not) characters that will populate the world of CoR. Let's show you the new events and contents now:

New girl (milf):

Isabel New event:

The mammoth tusk

New event in Dusk city:

Stray cat.

New event with the mercenary guild:

Join the ranks.

New music

New sounds.

Let's say right away that there will be a total rework of the way the lewd scenes work, I'll show it to you shortly.

In the next build, the focus will be on one particular girl, most likely sheila, to everyone's delight.

Also, I know we've passed the 5th goal, but I'm waiting for the usual end of month drop.

Other things are coming as rewards, I just have to think what to add.

Also, the first sexy animated wallpaper is on its way.

I conclude by saying that soon there will be a poll to decide the new main girl!

0.45 - 3/27/2021

A new event for Tsukiko: Nightmares.

A new event for Asmedia: Busy Asmedia.

A new event for Heramael: A new lead.

Graphic change for the card menu

New functions added: Time change and fast travel.

You will be able to change the time and return home at any time and from anywhere.

Full house navigation (wasn't even supposed to be there in 0.44b).

So guys, let's say right now that in the next version we'll start adding all those secondary characters that will have to populate the world of CoR. On top of that, there should also be a cosmetic change to the girls' internal cards and other menus. Another thing, apparently the new animations are splitting the players in two, one part likes it in its entirety, the other finds the mouth strange.

That's why 0.45 lacks them, at least only useful ones have been included, as soon as I find a compromise I'll use it for both sides.

Also coming soon is a new type of interaction that can be entirely created by you, the CoR TV, more details will come later.

Finally, coming soon is the lewd carnival wallpaper, and a poll to let you decide the focus girl of 0.47.

0.44b - 3/14/2021

Today, a new build will be released to fix everything, no bugfix, but first, it will be tested by early players. This 0.44B accurately does:

All the bugs found until now, fixed

Hoping that there aren't other problems

Could also be some player with the save corrupted since the triggers could be messed up

Skip and Auto are back

They work only in the events

Gallery and Event Tracker now linked to the save, no persistent file

Added new features in the Maeve Zone

Added the possibility to unlock all events and the gallery So if something is locked, you guys can unlock it without my help

0.44 - 3/12/2021

New event for asmedia: Jealousy or what?

Two new sexual positions for Asmedia: Ballerina and Seashell (with camera)

New Asmedia's Handjob

Trophies zone in the bedroom

Maeve zone in the bedroom

Now the structure of the house has been modified

New menus and icons

New sounds

And finally......Izanami headpat!

In the next version I would like to try to do some cleaning, I would like to improve the UI to make it more understandable, and also story events and other lewd.

Let me know if you like these new Asmedia animations, my intention will be to take advantage of every corner of the house with the girls.

0.43 - 3/3/2021

Sorry for my absence, but unfortunately I had some problems with my now old job, I was hoping to get rid of it last week, unfortunately, however, by contract I had to end my services this week, otherwise, I would not have been paid workdays. Having said that, this build will be the last one at normal regime, from now on it's turbocharged.

Despite this, I've managed to take advantage of the capabilities of the new PC and have created an event that will determine the future of CoR events, I sincerely hope you enjoy it, so that you can follow this path.

Unfortunately, two bugs have also occurred.

The first one didn't allow to continue in the scenes, and I was able to fix it, while the second one is about the open maps, which make the game crash, I still couldn't find a solution, and the only way to fix it was to close the maps again. Don't worry the files are already ready and inside the game, I just have to fix the code to make everything work properly.

One last thing, very important, the build 0.43 has been created with the new version of renpy, so to avoid problems, pc users will have to extract the game in a new folder, while android users will have to make a backup of the save, uninstall the old version and install the new one.

These are the events you will find:

Shopping for Hell (this is the important one)

Joining the guild

City Guards

As for the next version, I'm going to create a mix between story and lewd, for the house, I hope to fix it in time, should I still have problems, I'll ask someone who should know the problem well.

3 wallpapers will be arriving this week along with a request, all ready for delivery.

0.42 - 2/17/2021

In this version, as I had anticipated, you will find interactions to deepen the relationship between the girls, exactly you will find:

Two events in the meeting room, one with Asmedia and one with Izanami.

Two events between the girls, one with Izanami and Tsukiko in Iza's room.

For the next patch instead, we go straight for the main story, and also for quite a while, after which we will see which direction to give the updates.

I'll update you on the current situation, some components of the new pc have arrived, all of them should be at home by the 25th.

Sorry if I keep repeating this, but I do it to remind you that I still have my old job and my old pc, everything will be settled at the end of the month.

0.41 - 2/10/2021

I'll start by telling you what you'll find:

A new quest for the story: Trusting the family.

Estia new interaction menu

Estia Headpat

Estia Alarm clock

Estia Licking pussy'

Bugs fixed

For Estia's alarm, I used a different position and light, to give a better feeling of awakening, tell me if you prefer it to the others.

As you requested, I have enlarged the quick menu, if it is still too small tell me.

Next version will be story only, with events for everyone, don't expect any lewdness.

Also, the tracksuit wallpaper Patron version and free version are ready, they will arrive within the next week.

Requests are also coming, don't worry, I didn't forget.

Last and most important, we have officially resumed the fourth goal, yeeeee!

I thank you all for the support and trust you're giving me, big news coming and an announcement this Wednesday.

0.40 - 2/3/2021

Sorry for the delay, but in an attempt to speed up the rendering of scenes, I simply broke everything.

I managed to recover some things, others, however, I had to render from scratch.

Anyway, in this new version you will find:

New graphics for Tsukiko

New bathroom scene on Tuesday "Assault of the Rabbit".

Tsukiko alarm clock

New location, Blackwood, the forest around our house.

New event for Hellhound, which will take place in the new location.

New girl, who knows who she is. New sounds Bugs fixed

In the next build, the focus will be on Estia, there will be more story events and I will try to add graphics for the house.

And a new reminder to me, stop experimenting with random programs.

0.39 - 1/27/2021

In this new version you will find:

Sheila's room! Finally!

An event for Sheila

An event in preparation for the Hellhound'

A repeatable "Family Date" event: Dragon Feast!

These organized events can be done from the meeting room, and you will need some money for them.

Now let's get down to business, I don't know if you've noticed, but I've been running a little experiment these days. I stopped answering the various questions and in the various social networks, because I was curious to see the interactions that took place in the game without my intervention.

I also delayed 0.39 on purpose to see more "reaction". Well, did I get the result I was hoping for? Not quite, but for now, let's just say I'm happy with it. Don't worry, I'll come back and answer, I won't disappear into oblivion. In the next build, we wrap up the race to the hell beast and give space to completing animations and graphics for a girl of your choice, the Patron poll will be coming soon.

Also, as you can see, we are very close to the fourth goal, and a new future will open up for CoR.

0.38 - 1/20/2021

This time, I decided to experiment with two important things, but we'll talk about them later.

In this new version you will find the new altered stasus mechanic.

Everything works, but will you have the courage to make Izanami sad?

As a result, we have:

New night event for Izanami.

New bathroom event for Hera, it will happen on Wednesday morning, remember it.

Also, three secrets have been hidden in the game.

For this time, I will not give you any hints, even if you come and ask me personally.

The only hint I can give you is to explore the main maps carefully, and yes, it is random.

In the next version, we continue with the story, finally, with the addition of a side event (yes, it's the date at the restaurant, I didn't put it in this one to implement an experiment).

The first experiment, was a success, and it shouldn't have been, I would have preferred it to fail.

The second one starts with this release, let's see how it goes, one of these days I will explain what they consist of.

0.37 - 1/13/2021

As I had previously announced, this patch brings the arrival of a new feature, the camera, which will allow you to change the camera angle during lewd events.

Normal, POV, Close up, Dynamic.

The new lewd events in this patch are all repeatable, and belong to the first 6 girls of CoR: Asmedia, Izanami, Tsukiko, Hera, Cleos, and Estia.

Only the first three will be able to use this new function, for the time being.

In the next build, I hope to be able to bring in the altered status mechanic and other secondary events.

0.36 - 1/3/2021

Actually, this version does not contain any new events, only the changes I made during the holidays.

The most important thing though is the event tracker, a 4th way to know what has been done and what has not.

On top of that we also have the correction of more grammatical errors, the graphical update of the cards, the addition of a fast travel to Dusk City and a change in the house repair, no more asking for money to do it, that will now be used for something else.

Since it's not much, it will be released as a public version right away, consider it a late Christmas present.

As from tomorrow, it's back to normal regime, expect a lot of stuff coming in.

0.35 - 12/23/2020

In this new version you will get to know several new characters.

There are 3 main events:

The mercenary guild

Beastly encounter

Crazy scholar

I'll tell you right now that the girl's final name is Jin, mainly chosen for plot reasons, you'll understand later.

As for the rest, here's what's going to happen over the next few weeks.

First of all I want to tell you that on 24-25-26 I'll be spending Christmas with my family, so I won't be able to do much for the next build (angry crowd approaching).

That's why I thought that 0.36 will be mainly dedicated to cleaning up animations, fixing menus and other things.

If I can do that, I'll also try to add some interactions.

Another thing I would like to do is to completely rewrite all dialogues, both normal and lewd (not just moan during sex anymore).

Now I'll see if that's the case based on what the @deleted-role recommend.

A lot of people keep saying that the game's English is slowing down growth, so I need to fix that as soon as possible.

So 0.36 it will be:

Cleaning up animations

Menu cleanup

Code cleanup (for me which is starting to be messy)

Opening Exile, Dusk City

New Secret Events

New interactions (we'll see)

Total dialogue rewrite (we'll see)

As for 0.37, we will continue with the hellhound and take back the poor sheila, put aside for too long.

Last thing to say, all requests made will arrive before the 23rd, don't worry, I haven't forgotten you.

0.34 - 12/16/2020

Welcome to version 0.34!

As I said, we continue our story with the addition of some interesting events and interactions.

In this version you will see:

Two events for the protagonist: Dark Nightmares (bedroom night) and New Plan (meeting room morning)

Interaction with Cleos Sixty-nine

Heramael's alarm clock

Side event in the Mainstreet: Stormy encounter

From the next version, we continue to add interactions and events and will finally have the arrival of a character you all have been longing for.

0.33 - 12/9/2020

What am I doing up at 3:00 a.m.? Well, I work to make a better place......nah, I was working for you.

This build was hell, in the playtest nothing wanted to work, my fault I'm an idiot.

After solving all the problems, I can finally tell you what you will find:

A new event for Cleos.

New random repeatable event for Cleos: Walk on the beach.

New unique random event for Heramael: PregX Experiment

New interactions for Asmedia: Headpat and Kiss that can evolve into kiss+handjob and headpat with its first and second version.(edited)

New interactions for Heramael: Breastfeeding that can evolve into BreastFeed+handjob.

New interactions with Izanami: Sword cleaning and "Headpat"(eheheh).

Asmedia's awakening: Now you can ask Asmedia to give you a sweet awakening every morning.

Maeve Headpat

New music

New menus

Total correction of all texts and dialogues, goodbye grammar errors (I hope I haven't forgotten anything).

Total bugfix: For this, I'm adding a little speech, the game doesn't even have a bug at the moment, and I'm talking about 0.32, if weird stuff pops up in this 0.33, we'll see.

In any case, if you find old bugs, it's a problem with your saves.

If you need it, ask me and I will provide you with the necessary help.

That said, Estia Lick and Tsukiko are missing. This is because Estia's scene has some problems that I'll show you:

What the hell is that tongue doing over the mouth?

For Tsukiko I want to do it again because I would like to divide it into two parts.

As for the next version, we've finished with Cleos, so I'd say let's continue the story of the MC and start introducing the hell beast.

I will also add other interactions. And that's it.

0.32 - 11/25/2020

As I said, we continue with our beloved Cleos, in this build we will have 4 events just for her.

One of them has been modified for plot reasons, so in the next build we will have another Cleos event with a nice lewd.

For the next build there will be many changes.

No, I'm not talking about change that, change this, I'm talking about the content of the girls and the events, you'll see, if something doesn't happen in the next days.

And nothing, I'm tired, as usual the Android build always creates problems and slows down the other builds, but what can we do?

I also add that from the next builds on, something hellish and wild will come, so get ready!

0.31 - 11/18/2020

In this build you will find:

Final change of navigation (also because I won't touch it for a while).

Functional hint indicators.

2 events for Cleos

1 night lewd for Hera

New sounds

Popup for quests

With this version I hope to finally get everyone in agreement on navigation and hints.

For Cleos, I have decided to experiment with the possibility of letting you choose how to carry out part of the events.

In fact, in an event you will have to choose how to run it and you will have two different points of view.

Some will give points, others won't, but the final substance will be the same.

This mainly serves to increase the interaction.

The next version will be a full Cleos with finally her lewds.

0.30 - 11/10/2020

I should make the usual list of things waiting for you, but this time I won't, I want you to fully enjoy the experience.

Also because you'll have to start the game all over again.

I can only tell you that now we have open navigation, interactions with girls, random events, qte, clash of techniques (for those who played Naruto games or dragonball they will have understood)

For the moment, interactions with the girls are differentiated by 2/4 scenes, and the only random event at the moment is that of Asmedia.

Same thing for the living world, and constantly updated, some places have npc, others rain and other things.

Unfortunately, I had several problems with hint and inventory, which didn't allow me to make the changes I wanted. As for the hints, I found a solution.

This made me realize that to improve the game I also need to improve my knowledge, so in the future I will start learning advanced coding for the good of the game.

Unfortunately also the new dialogues are not present, they are not ready to be used yet.

Now let's talk about the future of the game

We are back with the weekly releases and for the next version we will focus on Cleos.

Also, in each version, new random events and game elements will be added.

There will also be a cleaning of the old elements.

As for the secret elements, you can now find them in game, in fact, you will find a code that will allow you to see a famous secret event. I wonder if you'll be able to find it.

I couldn't complete the new intro, but I suggest you wait in the main menu for about 10 seconds, something interesting might happen.

There would be many other things to say, but I'll leave you to the game.