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These are all of the events Sheila is in as of 0.55. All names are taken from the Event Tracker and may or may not line up with any signal names seen in game. Any events which are not in the tracker have either a common name or a name given to the event by the community

Start of the War

Meeting with the Girls

Change of Plans

Trusting the Family

Character specific events are not directly related to the main plot but instead are focused mainly on the character.

Character Specific
Clash of Realms

Regaining Strength

Extraneous Reasons

Shelia's Debt

About Celestials

A Debt to Pay

Rose Guardian

Family Letter

Sheila can do it!

What was That?

We are a Family

Shining Date

Frosty Encounter

Waiting for the Sun

Trying Hard

Celestial Love

Hidden events don't have a signal or hint. Instead they must be found either at a specific location and time, by interacting with the character after a set point in the game, or occurs at a location at random. These events may also not be in the event tracker.

Hidden Events