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These features have been teased in one form or another, but are not yet in the game. Some are Patreon goals, others are plot related. All of these features should be in the game at some point, subject to changes by Zimon.

New Life (Pregolution)[]

New Life is a process by which the girls evolve into a new form after becoming pregnant. This has been stated to be a plot related feature, so it will only come out when it is necessary for the girls to evolve into these new feral forms. It's possible that this form of pregnancy could come around version 0.9 (this was stated before the change to monthly builds, converting to monthly would mean ~0.7, but this is pure speculation), but this is subject to change based on how fast the main story progresses in prior updates. Designs shown below are a work and progress and subject to change before release.

Pregnancy (Potions)[]

This allows the girls to instantly become pregnant, and then to revert that pregnancy by drinking another potion. This is teased in Heremael's PregX experiment. Currently this teaser is the only form of pregnancy in the game.

Interactive Lewds - Test added in 0.54[]

Lewd events will become more interactive. This could include dialogue, being able to have certain "positions" played in a specific order, with a set "finish" when the player desires. This is both a planned feature and a 6th Patreon goal, as the goal will give more priority to interactive as opposed to the normal lewds.

A test of this feature was released for Cleos with 0.54. It features 20+ positions, multiple speeds, different "finish" options, as well as a horny mode. If the Iterative proves popular, all the girls will get it. However, if the feature is not overwhelmingly popular then it could be removed, as the work needed to develop it for all the girls outweighs any gains.

The Tower of the Labyrinth[]

A place where turn-based fights take place, different from the cinematic ones of events. This is one of the 6th Patreon goals.


The game will support multiple languages, including Italian, Spanish and Russian. This is one of the 6th Patreon goals.