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This is the official walkthough for Champion of Realms. Each event is organized by it's corresponding name in the event tracker. Or, if the event is not there, it will have a name that matches the scene as close as possible (ex. Asmedia Stargaze).

Important Notes[]

The Signals in game often have multiple events in the tracker connected to them. So it may be necessary to look at multiple sections to complete an entire signal. This however does mean that if you are stuck on a signal or hint, you will only have to get a hint for the part you are stuck on and not spoil any other parts of the game.

The Hints on the girls cards also have signals in the beginning of the game, but post assault they are more separate. Before consulting the walkthough, make sure to check both the Signals and Girls cards. 99% of the in game explanations are enough to find the events. There are some oddities that are not given, nor are requirements that other girls must be at a certain place in the story.


How to Contribute[]

The main pages are locked to prevent tampering, although this is subject to change in the future. If you wish to contribute do the following

  1. Go to walkthough/add
  2. Create a heading there with the edits you wish to make
  3. Try and follow the formatting as closely as possible
  4. An Administrator will check over and if the information is good it will be added to the main walkthough